Portfolio and Selected Works
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Problem: combining Adobe Systems and Lamy Pens, design and brand a new product.

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Spark is the smart pen that combines the German craftsmanship and customizability of Lamy Pens with the innovation of Adobe software to make a writing tool that allows you to transfer data directly to the cloud from anywhere. So, the moment you're hit with that spark of inspiration, you'll be ready. 


Primary Logo

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"John Rogers saw a half-eaten apple left on a park bench and sketched an idea for a logo on a napkin.
Later, mistaking the napkin for trash, his landlady threw it away."

Genius is too important to be
left on a napkin.


"Phill Townsend was walking through the market and saw  a woman with an enigmatic smile. He ran home to quickly capture what he’d seen, but was caught in a line of carriages. By the time he arrived home, he’d forgotten her face."

Genius is too important to be forgotten in traffic.

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You don’t know John Rogers or Phill Townsend, but you might have if they had used Spark. With Spark, you can sketch or write out your idea on any available surface the moment inspiration strikes. Through bluetooth technology, the data is transferred safely to the cloud to be accessed on your computer or mobile device. Preserve your Genius and don’t let history pass you by.