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Yellow Jacket Publishing Company

Create a corporate identity for a fictional company, to include 3 subsidiary companies and 3 examples of collateral.

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Yellow Jacket is a family owned publishing company, publishing a broad range of genres including fiction, non fiction, and children's books in hardcover, trade paperback, audio, electronic, and digital formats. As one of the nation’s oldest and largest publishing companies, they take pride in their loyalty to printed books. They’re brand is classy and sophisticated while also cozy and accessible, inviting the consumer to curl up with one of their publications and read away the world.



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The Yellow Jacket subsidiaries are smaller publishing groups specializing in focused genres: Companion is a children’s book publisher; Wayfinder specializes in trade-books and textbooks; Finally, Lucky Spade is a mystery and suspense publisher. All work together beneath the broader umbrella of Yellow Jacket.

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Each logomark features unique, recognizable characters that, when combined with their parent logo, make a complete scene about a girl running in the rain with her companion by her side and trusty adventuring tools on hand.

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Social Media

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On social media, Yellow Jacket maintains the cozy, homey seen throughout their branding, appearing to invite visitors into their page, while allowing themselves a more humorous tone to target their younger market. The obvious and prominent competitor to printed publications is electronic devices, so instead of shying away from the fact, Yellow Jacket uses social media to shine a positive light on their differences.

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